Are You Ready?

Junior Action is Now Ready To Serve

Dear Friends,

As many of you will know the Junior Action program has been in use in our territory for many years. Over the years the program has undergone a number of changes, some of them have been significant and some not so significant. One of those changes many years ago was to move from a 12 unit cycle to an 8 unit cycle. In September 2013 Unit 7 will be available, followed by Unit 8 in February 2014 which will complete the 8 unit cycle. These last two units will be available for ordering at in the usual fashion.

You will also be aware that the territory has created a new children’s discipleship program entitled “Ready to Serve”, and it was successfully launched in September 2012. This program is creative, innovative and has been made available to you free of charge.

In September 2013 the territory will be incorporating Junior Action into Ready to Serve and will begin the process of phasing out the Junior Action curriculum. Ready to Serve includes many of the topics covered in Junior Action and has added some new topics as well.

We invite you to become familiar with Ready to Serve and to begin incorporating it into your corps’ discipleship plans beginning this September.

Partnering with you in children’s ministries,

Keith Pike
Territorial Youth Secretary

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