The dream for this project is an interactive video segment that will launch a mission for the class to solve. Each lesson will have up to three video segments, where the 5 main characters will set up a situation, and feed the local squad information for solving the issue. The squad leader (teacher) will also play a part in this, and lead the students to complete tasks in order to complete the mission.

  • Lessons are directed by a local Squad Leader.
  • A unique group of teaching characters called the Ready to Serve RECON TEAM is featured in exciting video segments prepared for each lesson.
  • Interactive video simulates a live uplink to the RTS RECON TEAM and in interspersed with classroom activities creating a fun and engaging learning environment.
  • Large group/small group learning with additional age-appropriate resources allows leaders to accommodate any size group or setting.
  • Lesson material is delivered in an easily downloaded digital format (internet) for printing by local corps/church. Lesson material includes leader manuals, reproducibles, game and activity ideas, etc.
  • Extra resource material, found on the Leaders Link of the Ready to Serve website, would include extra lesson helps, age-appropriate games, crafts, activities and project ideas, etc.
  • Eventually, Squad leaders will also be able to access an online network with other leaders as well as online training.

Download a sample lesson:

Here is a short clip from the introductory DVD lesson:

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